‘bumbling’ around the home habitat …

I had some wonderful feedback on the last issue of Cape Chatter about the wetlands and the role they play in ‘our’ ecosystem here at The Cape along with an introduction into how all the different habitats work together. So, having been curtailed with the latest Covid lockdown, I have been ‘bumbling’ around the garden with the macro lens to see what is out and about. This issue, the focus is on the home garden habitat at The Cape, the role they play in ‘our’ local ecosystem and an example of what invertebrates have been observed in the short time since the first homes were built.

4 thoughts on “‘bumbling’ around the home habitat …”

  1. Dave. I hadn’t appreciated how many different types of bees there were out there. We have found at least four different species, including a blue banded bee. They like our plants in both the front & back yard. I cannot compete with your great photos; sorry.


    1. Thanks Tom. Always on the lookout for new native bees, i think there are some 1700 species in Aust!! yet to see a BBB here at our place but some other residents have spotted them in the more established gardens. Thanks for the feedback. Cheers Dave


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