A Week of Natural Delights

The past week certainly dished up some beautiful twilight skies, a full moon, and golden late afternoon sunlight. Sadly, high cloud prevented us witnessing the comet and meteor show but you can’t have everything. May 5th was a stunning day with calm weather and clear blue skies and Dave (our Cape gardener and long-time Cape P resident) told me he saw unbelievable ocean colours he has never seen before. And yes, come the weekend, the good old cold Cape Paterson squalls returned, just to remind us of this invigorating, yet beautiful environment.

off to a ‘flying’ start

The first issue of ‘Cape Chatter’ was a great success and thank you to the many people who provided positive feedback and support. It certainly sparked interest, stimulated awareness and encouraged observation. There is clearly a lot of interest in the natural world within The Cape community and to further developments of the environment for the benefit of residents, wildlife and flora.

welcome to cape chatter

One of the objectives of The Cape project is to restore the habitat with indigenous flora and attract as much native wildlife back into what was previously degraded agriculture land. The proximity of the Bunurong Coastal Reserve bushland and coast to our south provides a wonderful haven for wildlife. Along with the fantastic wetlands, open spaces, residential native gardens and the soon to be constructed Stage 3 Open Space Reserve, we have the perfect stage for observing and enjoying the natural beauty as the development and landscape evolves.

Nature Observations around The Cape