‘Cape Chatter’ – nature observations around ‘The Cape’

The Cape is a sustainable housing estate located on the western edge of the seaside village of Cape Paterson on Victoria’s Bass (Bunurong) Coast, bordered on the south by the Yallock-Bulluk Marine and Coastal Park. It is situated on the traditional land of the Bunurong people.

Using bio-diverse sensitive urban design principles, extensive areas of the estate area have been set aside to re-establish native fauna and indigenous flora habitat to co-exist with housing and community infrastructure.

The Cape Chatter Blog, as part of the Cape Chatter website, is a periodic newsletter which will record interesting and seasonal nature observations within the Area of Observations (AO). It will also photo-document the restoration of the estates natural habitat. The website has been designed to provide a useful resource to enhance resident and visitor awareness of the surrounding natural world, and the benefits this can bring to our daily lives and the community as a whole.

Nature Observations around The Cape