Flora and Revegetation of the cape

Cape Chatter will track and photo-document the remnant vegetation species and those planted in the re-vegetation program across the coast, wetlands, heathlands, scrub and streetscapes – a crucial part of wildlife habitat re-creation. This will be populated over time with pictures and information and become a useful resource for identifying and understanding the role of the flora of The Cape.

Click on the tab ‘Flora and Revegetation of The Cape’ in the menu above to learn more about remnant flora and the re-vegetation program.

A delightful and extremely useful reference on Indigenous Plant Use by Zena Cumpston of The Clean Air and Urban Landscapes Hub, is a great way to learn about how many of the indigenous plants in The Cape‘s remnant scrub and revegetation program are used for medicinal, nutritional and technological purposes.

Another useful pamphlet, Indigenous Plants of the Bass Coast Shire, provides photos and descriptions of local, indigenous species.

Nature Observations around The Cape

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