The bunurong Coast

The Cape’s section of the Bunurong Coast lies between the 2nd Surf Beach access and the F Break access from Wilson’s Rd. The beach is predominantly a wild, sandy surf beach with scattered rock platforms at either end.

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The Bunurong Coast (2nd Surf Beach) viewed from the high eastern sand dune complex looking west toward F Break.

Above the high tide line, the landform is sand dune, with a significant dune complex at the eastern end and lower undulating dunes at the western end. A number of small creek washouts form along the western end during high rainfall events when water held in natural wetlands behind the dunes fill up and drain into the ocean.

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Coastal Dune Grassland along the Bunurong Coast looking west toward F Break

The coastal waters are home to a range of marine habitats including the rock platforms, rock pools and sub-tidal rocky reefs covered in a diversity of seaweeds, seagrasses and sandy plains.

It is particularly rich in marine life, including marine invertebrates, around 50 species of fish, and plant life including green and brown seaweeds, kelp and algae.

In and above the water, you can see Albatross, Australasian Gannet, the migratory Short-tailed Shearwater, Humpback and Southern Right Whale, Dolphin, and Fur Seals. On shore, the sandy beach and rock platforms are home to the vulnerable Hooded Plover, and the near-threatened Sooty Oystercatcher and Pacific Gull.

The local, informative Bunurong Environment Centre operated by the South Gippsland Conservation Society at Inverloch is a great spot to learn more about the natural highlights of the area.

Information can also be found in the handy free app Bunurong Marine National Park Field Guide by Parks Victoria and Museums Victoria.

The Bunurong Coast provides some stunning sunset vistas like this one looking toward F Break.

Nature Observations around The Cape

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