South East Sector

The South East Sector of The Cape comprises the area from the southern end of Sunlight Blvd, and is bordered by the Bunurong Coastal Reserve to the west and south and Cape Paterson hamlet to the east.

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Natural wetland looking west to the Bunurong Coastal Reserve.

The south east exit track to 2nd Surf Beach and Cape Paterson bisects this area and it is a wonderful location to observe many small bird species, freshwater birds, amphibians, antechinus, wombat, kangaroo and wallaby. Koala have been heard in remnant Coast Manna Gum in the bordering section of the coastal reserve.

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Natural wetland looking east toward the Bunurong Coastal Reserve and the 2nd Surf Beach exit track.

The sector is a mix of sand, damp and wet heathland revegetation. The remnant vegetation comprises coast banksia woodland, swamp scrub and brackish wetland. A drainage line bisects the sector from the south east wetland flowing into the natural wetland near the south east exit of the estate. This drainage line has been revegetated with swamp scrub, brackish swamp scrub and damp/wet heathland species.

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Revegetated drainage line with wet/damp heathland and brackish swamp scrub plantings.
Swamp Scrub remnant vegetation in the south east corner near the 2nd Surf beach exit.

Nature Observations around The Cape

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