Bunurong Coastal Reserve

The Bunurong Coastal Reserve abuts the entire southern boundary of The Cape. It is a sandy, dense, impenetrable vegetation barrier between the estate and the coast providing an invaluable natural habitat for a variety of bird and other fauna species. The reserve contains diverse vegetative remnants of Brackish Wetland, Swamp Scrub, Wet Heath, Coast Banksia Woodland and Coastal Dune Scrub. (D.Cook 2012).

Bunurong Coastal Reserve looking west toward Cape Woolamai on the southern tip of Phillip Island

The reserve is home to a variety of freshwater and land birds including the migratory and vulnerable Latham’s Snipe, the vulnerable Royal Spoonbill, a variety or raptors, and passerines including honeyeaters, wrens, robins and whistlers. It provides valuable daytime habitat cover for the Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Swamp Wallaby, Echidna, Common Wombat, other small mammals, reptiles and amphibians.

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Bunurong Coastal Reserve, south east woodland and heathland

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Swamp Scrub in Bunurong Coastal Reserve

Nature Observations around The Cape

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