I have been a resident of The Cape since August 2019 after living two decades among 20 acres of eucalyptus woodland at Woodend in central Victoria where my interest in observing and photographing the natural world started. I am an enthusiastic amateur. My joy comes from quiet strolls and seeing new things in the natural world, and then trying to capture a half decent, lasting image through photography.

When I settled in at The Cape, I realised the development provided a unique opportunity to photo-document the evolution of the natural environment of the estate. Considerable effort is being made by the developer to restore the indigenous habitat and attract native flora and fauna species back to the open spaces, park lands and housing areas which abut the Bunurong Coastal Reserve. I would like to acknowledge the vision and passionate commitment of Brendan Condon for the The Cape development and all his team for bringing it together.

Through Cape Chatter, my aim, along with like-minded fellow residents, is to observe and record The Cape’s growing diversity of fauna and flora over time . By sharing stories and pictures, we hope to raise awareness and understanding, contribute to restoring the environment, better appreciate what is around us, and enjoy living harmoniously with this special part of the natural world.

A big thanks to Jeannie, as always, for her ongoing support, her zest for research and knowledge, and keeping me abreast of all sorts of things in nature. And to Geoff Park, a great nature photographer who authors a wonderful blog in central Victoria called ‘Natural Newstead‘. (See the link on the left hand menu of my Home Page). Geoff ‘planted the seed’ and encouraged me to create Cape Chatter.

Many of The Cape residents are also my “eyes and ears” for many of the observations recorded in Cape Chatter, and for that I would like to thank them all for passing on their observations, their growing interest in our natural world and all the interesting chats we have along the way. It has been a great way to help bring this young community together.

I have taken all the photographs in Cape Chatter unless otherwise credited (such as the aerial shots). I am happy for my photos to be re-used but I would appreciate my efforts in taking the photos be acknowledged. Afterall, I have had to avoid snakes, keep a wide berth from big male kangaroos and dodge swooping Magpies. Please contact me to seek permission to use the photos.

Happy chattering,

David Hartney (Resident of The Cape)

Nature Observations around The Cape

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