Central Creek Line Habitat

The Central Creekline Habitat area is a significant landscape restoration and revegetation project started in 2020 which runs north-south along a drainage line through The Cape from an existing farm dam in the north to the reconstructed Central Wetland Complex in the south.

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Creek line habitat area looking south from the Top Dam, 29 Aug 2020.

The habitat consists of a series of water bodies (dam, ponds, bogs and wetlands) which are interconnected by a rock stabilised creekline, both which have been enhanced with habitat structures such as microbat and bird habitat boxes, stags, logs, and rocks. A range of wetland vegetation species will be planted in late 2020 to border the creek along with indigenous shrub and tree plantings around the stags and nearby pocket parks. To follow the progress of the extensive re-vegetation project click on the tab Flora and Re-vegetation of The Cape in the Flora and Landscapes menu above.

The plan below shows the layout of the creekline and named key features. These will be used as reference points when documenting observations of flora and fauna. In addition, a series of photo points have been setup to track the creekline development over time.

Layout Plan of the creekline’s key features from the Top Dam in the north to the Bottom Pond and Bog in the south
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Convergence Pond, looking north, June 2020
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Middle Pond, looking south, Aug 2020

During the construction phase, fauna observations in this sector have included Eastern Grey Kangaroo, amphibians (frogs), parrots (Blue-winged Parrot, Galah and Little Corella), raptors such as Peregrine Falcon and Black-winged Kite, freshwater birds (ducks, teals, ibis and herons), Black-fronted Dotterel, Crested Pigeon, Australian Pipit and Eurasian Skylark. The bottom pond and bog has been designed to provide habitat for Latham’s Snipe.

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Bottom Pond and Bog looking south into Central Wetland Complex, Aug 2020
Top Dam at sunset, June 2020
Creekline flowing during major rain event in June 2020

Nature Observations around The Cape

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