Re-vegetation of the cape

This re-vegetation section will evolve as planting lists and photographs are created in conjunction with planting programs which will be undertaken into the future.

Extensive re-vegetation of The Cape has begun and will be ongoing over the coming years. The sectors where this will occur include: the central creek line habitat, the wetland complexes, the south west sector and the house gardens/streetscapes.

Central Creek Line Habitat

The central creek line habitat looking south from the Top Dam.

A number of photo points have been installed to photo-document the creek line over time to track its evolution. Planting will begin in late 2020.

South East Wetland

Plantings of ephemeral batter plants, shallow, deep and submerged marsh plants, along with herbaceous and indigenous shrubs began in 2019.

Central Wetland Complex

Plantings of ephemeral batter plants, shallow, deep and submerged marsh plants along with herbaceous and indigenous shrubs, began in 2019.

Streetscapes and House Gardens

Streetscape plantings are completed as part of the site engineering works and house gardens are planted out by individual households using a recommended residential planting list included in The Cape Design Guidelines.

The Cape Design Guidelines planting list follows a coastal and heathland theme which draws on the indigenous plant communities found along this part of the Bunurong coast. This is designed not only to enhance the feel of the area but importantly, provide habitat and food for native birds and animals.

Coastal Banksia and She-oak are the prominent tree species planted in street swales, with understories of herbaceous plants, ground covers and grass/grass like species.

House gardens and streetscapes merge to provide vital habitat stepping stones and corridors.

Residents are encouraged to blend their house gardens into the streetscapes with sympathetic, natural landscapes and habitat structures which provide protection and food for indigenous fauna.

Nature Observations around The Cape

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