The Cape Birds

The Cape Birds is a list of observations started in August 2019 of Marine and Coastal, Freshwater and Land species seen or heard within The Cape precinct (AO). It is divided into sections based on The Australian Bird Guide (CSIRO Publishing). Introduced species have been placed in a separate section in the list but for photo-documentation purposes, they have been included in accordance with their species status. (eg. European Goldfinch is grouped with other finches).

The list currently sits at 128 species. It is updated regularly and is available here:

You can use the drop down menu above to search for photographs and descriptions of the observations recorded to date. This will assist in bird recognition, where you are likely to see or hear the species around The Cape and other interesting facts about observations.

It is not intended these photos and observations replace authoritative bird guides, but is intended to make you aware of what is being observed and recorded within The Cape.

NOTE: Please note that some species may have been observed or heard but there is no photo-documentation at this stage.

Nature Observations around The Cape

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