Remnant vegetation

This section provides a snapshot of the remnant vegetation within The Cape AO primarily along the coast, within the coastal reserve and the south east sector.

The Bunurong Coast

The vegetation consists of Coastal Dune Grassland comprising mainly sand binding Hairy Spinifex associated with Dune Thistle and Strand Sedge behind which is coastal dune scrub consisting of a dense shrub layer of Coast Wattle, Beard Heath and Coast Everlasting associated with Coast Spear Grass and Coast Fireweed. (D. Cook, 2012).

Bunurong Coastal Reserve

The reserve contains diverse vegetative remnants of Brackish Wetland, Swamp Scrub, Wet Heath, Coast Banksia Woodland and Coastal Dune Scrub. (D.Cook 2012).

Although the reserve is indicative of past disturbances such as ecological processes and partial clearing, a form of Coastal Banksia Woodland remains, comprising trees such as Coast Banksia and Coast Manna Gum. Within the woodland, the shrub layer is dense and includes Coast Tea-tree, Coast Wattle and Coast Beard-heath. The ground level comprises Coast Sword-sedge and Austral Hounds-tongue.

Brackish Wetlands occupy depressions in the dune system. It is dominated by Knobby Club-sedge, Sea Rush and Common Reed. Wet Heath is low shrubby vegetation which occupies low depressions with prolonged waterlogging, and is dominated by Scented Paperbark, Prickly Tea-tree with a grassy/sedgey understorey. Swamp Scrub is dominated by by a dense canopy of Swamp Paperbark with a variable understory ranging from dense herbs, sedges and grasses.

Swamp scrub dominated by Swamp Paperbark

South East Sector

The South East Sector contains small pockets of remnant vegetation which has been complimented by some revegetation of species in a natural drainage line.

Swamp Paperbark flower

The sector is a mix of sand, damp and wet heathland revegetation. The remnant vegetation comprises coast banksia woodland, swamp scrub and brackish wetland. Swamp Paperbark is prolific and there are some lovely remnant Coastal Manna Gums on the higher ground. The drainage line has been revegetated with swamp scrub, brackish swamp scrub and damp/wet heathland species.

Nature Observations around The Cape

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