Landscape Vistas

The Cape and its surrounds provides a natural backdrop for some stunning landscape and scenery, especially sunrises and sunsets, rainbows and clear night time skies. See the picture gallery below for a sample of landscape vistas which highlight the spectacular natural beauty of The Cape.


Golden sunrise over the Bunurong Marine National Park and Bunurong Coastal Reserve
The mauve and blue hues of sunrise over the Bunurong Coast


Wild swirls of gold, mauve and blue of sunset looking over the open spaces of The Cape
‘Mauve rain’ falls on the ancient sand ridge at The Cape
Fiery golden sky at sunset, The Cape
Sunset over F Break as surfers retire for the evening


Rainbow over a wild Bunurong coast

Night Sky

Full moon balanced on a habitat stag in the new creek line at The Cape

Nature Observations around The Cape

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