Streetscapes and House Gardens

As part of the use of Biodiverse Sensitive Urban Design principles, The Cape places emphasis on habitat creation and indigenous plantings in all house gardens and streetscapes throughout the estate.

House owners are encouraged to plant local indigenous plant species and to create micro habitats within home gardens to attract invertebrates, amphibians, reptiles and birds along with fencing structures that accommodate the movement of reptiles and mammals such as native mice and rats, antechinus and echidna. Home gardens are considered important habitat ‘stepping stones’ to help link larger habitat corridors with the coastal reserve.

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Native plant species are encouraged in home gardens with a recommended local species planting list as part of The Cape’s Design Guidelines

Streetscapes have been designed to reduce hard surface areas and to harvest water run-off from roads and footpaths. All street nature strips are landscaped with indigenous plant species (such as Coast Banksia and She Oak along with grasses, sedges and rushes) planted in swales, which not only provide vital habitat but also operate as water harvesting infrastructure for the creek line and wetland complexes.

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Swales and street plantings all provide important habitat and water harvesting mechanisms for the creek line and wetlands

Frogs, echidna, and kangaroo are common visitors to these habitats and there have been sightings of microbats and reptiles. Most of the bird species observed to date are those that habituate comfortably with urban settings – Magpie, Raven, Butcherbird, Galah, Corella, Wattlebird and Magpie Lark – but over time it is expected smaller bird species will move in once protective habitat and food sources are available.

Habitat rocks and plantings to attract and protect small fauna
Home gardens merge with streetscape plantings to provide important ‘stepping stones’ of habitat linking with larger habitat corridors

Nature Observations around The Cape

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