flora of the cape and LANDSCAPE VISTAS

The Cape Flora and Revegetation Program. Given the harsh, wild coastal nature of its location, the flora of The Cape is heavily influenced by wind and salt spray and poor sandy-loam soil conditions. The vegetative restoration efforts to re-create habitat within the estate will not be without its challenges and in Cape Chatter, we will track and photo-document the re-vegetation program across the wetland, heathland, scrub and streetscapes which are so important for re-creating wildlife habitat. Over 100,000 plants will be planted from indigenous species raised from seed collected and propagated for this purpose, and this propagation program will continue on site in a purpose built nursery for species that successfully handle the tough conditions and survive as part of providing crucial wildlife habitat. Click on the tab ‘Flora and Re-vegetation of The Cape’ in the menu above to follow this program, for help in identifying plants, and to learn about their role in the past in providing for the Bunurong people and their benefits to the native wildlife.

The Landscape Vistas. The Cape is situated on a relatively unspoilt area of spectacular Victorian coastline which is exposed to some wonderful, and at times excitingly wild, natural weather elements. Combined with minimal light and air pollution and exposure to the wilds of the Bass Strait and Southern Ocean, all these factors provide the backdrop for some stunning landscape and scenery, especially at sunrise and sunset, in the formation of rainbows and bright galaxies on clear night skies. Click on the tab ‘Landscape Vista’ in the menu above to see a gallery of landscape vistas which highlight the spectacular natural beauty of The Cape and its surrounds.

Cape sunset looking over the ancient sand dune ridge and restored creek line, September 2020

Nature Observations around The Cape

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