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Hooded Plover season summary – a very successful one!!

With a very successful Hooded Plover breeding season along the Cape Paterson coast coming to a close, its time for a wrap-up of what happened and what was achieved. We also answer some of the questions we as Hoodie volunteers often get asked whilst out monitoring the birds on the beach. Hopefully this will further raise awareness and inform Chatter followers who happen to live here or visit this beautiful coast and often see these delightful shorebirds. Enjoy Chatter 87 – next Issue we will return to things ‘non-Hoodie’!

Welcome to Cape Chatter 2023 … summertime

Cape Chatter is back for it’s fourth year—can you believe that! I hope you enjoyed the two Special Editions from the Sub-Antarctic Islands—a remote and beautiful location in the Southern Ocean, which we had the privilege to see. I had so many photographs that I just had to share a few of them!

But now, Chatter is back into the swing of things locally and I have spent a good many days on our beautiful Bunurong coastline monitoring the vulnerable Hooded Plovers with other devoted and passionate Hoodie monitors. Along with some successful vulnerable Latham’s Snipe surveys with other volunteers from the estate, there has been plenty happening in and around The Cape over summer.

Way Beyond The Cape … Part 2

Another special edition from the Sub-Antarctic Islands expedition before we resume our nature observations around The Cape in 2023 with more of Cape Chatter – lots of news around ‘Hoodies’, migratory Latham’s Snipe and all sorts of things natural! Enjoy!

In the southern latitudes of the Roaring Forties and Furious Fifties of the Southern Ocean, well south of the Australian mainland and New Zealand and north of Antarctica, lies a group of islands known as the Sub-Antarctic Islands. The last edition covered The Snares, Auckland Islands and Australia’s Macquarie Island. In this second instalment, we travel north-east of Macquarie Island into the Albatross Latitudes—the Campbell’s, Antipodes, Bounty and Chatham Islands of New Zealand. 

‘Blondie’s Twin … or is it ‘Blondie’ the wombat?

Blonde Wombats, a joey with attitude, a good Latham’s Snipe count and a tough start for the local Hooded Plover breeding season – it is all happening at The Cape. But a little bit of humidity brings out some interesting reptiles and some very colourful invertebrates. Enjoy Chatter No. 85.

Cape Chatter is taking a break for the remainder of the year and will return in early 2023 with hopefully lots of good news on successful mange treatment and some Hooded Plover breeding success along the Cape Paterson coastline!

Have a great festive season, keep safe and tread lightly!

It’s been a ‘big bird’ week

October is a great month for bird watching. There is a bit of warmth, some humidity and rain, plenty of blossoming plants, and lots of invertebrates starting to appear in the air. There is heaps of chattering and chirping from our feathered friends and why wouldn’t there be! The past week has also been National Bird Week which included Birdlife Australia’s Backyard Bird Count, which is a fun exercise in citizen science where you can see how many birds in your vicinity you can identify in 20 minutes and then upload your observations via an app. It is a great way to learn about the local birds in the local area and the data is invaluable for researchers in identifying the ‘state of the nation’ of our bird life.