The Good, the Sad and the Ugly

A fantastic documentary worth watching on our ABC is ‘Australian Ocean Odyssey – A Journey Down the Eastern Australian Current’. Great information and filming of marine and bird life from the tropics to the Southern Ocean. The final episode is tonight at 8.30PM.

Coincidentally, there has been heaps of fantastic whale activity this week along the Bunurong coast after the first reports about four weeks ago. Tony O’Connell (TS) and Brendan Condon have been great updating us with sightings on Facebook (humpies on their northerly migration and killer whales – orcas!!) and Jen (Sunlight) nearly ran off the coast road when she saw a whale breach!! At Eagles Nest, we think there may have been a Southern Right (based on blow and behaviour) but cannot be ‘really confident’ of the sighting. No photos either sorry!!

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