Among the blossoms, it’s a hive of activity

In between the storms and winds I managed to get a few visits in amongst the remnant melaleuca (swamp paperbark) and leptospermum (tea-tree) scrub around the edges of The Cape which is full of blossom. And what a crazy, active world thrives amongst this vegetation. Apart from scores of terrestrial invertebrates, the birds have gone nuts, particularly the Honeyeaters. The small song birds such as Thornbill, Scrubwren and Silvereye are everywhere and extremely busy. Not to be outdone, Welcome Swallows appear to be in their hundreds, Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos are still around, and the Little Corella flock seems to be growing larger by the day. In the coastal reserve bush there has been an influx of Cuckoos over the past week, including Fan-tailed, Horsefield’s Bronze and Shining Bronze.

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