snipes, silvereyes, sunsets, seeds and ‘saucy rosellas’

Another interesting journey with nature at The Cape this week. Standouts for me were the sound of crashing waves along 2nd Surf, the constant bird chatter within the remnant bush, and more stunning sunsets. I also witnessed the journey of a ‘plant seed’ emerge into a seedling which will become part of our future habitat; the Latham’s Snipe were busy around the edges of our wetlands; the Hooded Plover in small flocks on 2nd Surf; little birds everywhere, especially Silvereyes; and we are pretty confident the ‘saucy’ Eastern Rosellas have taken up the nesting box.

2 thoughts on “snipes, silvereyes, sunsets, seeds and ‘saucy rosellas’”

  1. Such an enjoyable read – it is wonderful to keep up with the latest developments and sightings at the Cape!
    Best Wishes,
    Maree & Tom ( Seadragon Crest)


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