birds and the home garden habitat

Over the past few issues, I have focused on the invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians and mammals that we are observing in our home gardens and how important the role of habitat structure and natural food is in attracting them into our evolving, diverse urban ecosystem. Over the past week, we continue to hear the sounds of amphibians, and have heard some delightful stories of wandering echidnas and roaming kangaroos among our gardens. I always have one ear cocked for the calls and songs of birds near our house – and have the camera ready to go. So, in this Issue, I am looking at what birds have been observed since mid-2019 and how we can attract more into our home gardens.

2 thoughts on “birds and the home garden habitat”

    1. Hi Fran, thanks for the feedback and update on the artwork. I would love to promote the artwork when it is ready in Chatter if that is ok? Maybe i could include a photo of the installation when it is complete? Cheers David


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