a change of seasons is in the air

In addition to a “super’ moon, it was a real mix of weather this past week. We had some of the most glorious sunny days since I have lived at The Cape as a big high pressure system sat over the region, followed by a night of thunderstorms and of course the usual cold, southerly change to bring us back to earth. Really big high and low tides are leaving their mark on the beaches and the loud sound of cracking waves was distinctive on the windless evenings.

4 thoughts on “a change of seasons is in the air”

  1. Another great issue David. Well done. That shot of the singing female Fairy Wren is hysterically funny and an exceptional shot of a moment. I must say the decapitated rabbit is very bizarre, all the more so because of the sliced off ears! Your EYR is so crystal clear. This is one area I’m still struggling with. The AF on the Nikon (or maybe it’s the Tamron) is very dodgy. Perhaps I haven’t set it up right. But even when I press the AF the object still doesn’t look all that clear to me. Now that I have exposure and shutter speed a little more in control I’ll focus on…focus.

    Thanks for including my EYR.

    Catch ya.



    1. Thanks Joe. Practice, practice. I remember in my early days i had the same issue. Also, do you have AF Points that you can select? If so, best to concentrate on the middle 5 (like a triangle shape) and as you get more confident, you can go to the one focus point. The quality of the AF system and lens would also influence. Also, on Canon, you can select AI Servo (recommended for birds), ONE SHOT AF and AI FOCUS. Do you have anything like that on the NIKON?


    1. HI Degsy, hope you are well. Yes the rabbits can be a bit pesky as well around the plants, but there plenty to provide food to the predators. Cheers David, and all good here!


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