nature connectedness, sustainable biodiverse urban design and citizen science

When I first devised the idea of the Cape Chatter website and blog over a year ago, my aim, along with like-minded fellow residents, was to observe and record The Cape’s growing diversity of fauna and flora over time. Starting with a blank canvas, by sharing stories and pictures, I hoped to raise awareness and understanding, contribute to restoring the environment, for residents and visitors to better appreciate what is around us, and enjoy living harmoniously with this special part of the natural world. Using bio-diverse sensitive urban design principles, extensive areas of The Cape estate area have been set aside to re-establish native fauna and indigenous flora habitat on once degraded farmland co-existing with housing and community infrastructure. This issue of Cape Chatter looks at some of the fantastic work that has been achieved in bringing together the restoration of landscapes, the benefits of connecting with nature and some wonderful citizen science projects helping us as a community and our relationship with the natural world.

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