For residents or visitors to The Cape, there is a small swale running alongside the 2nd Surf exit track near the off-leash dog park. It looks a pretty innocuous drain, but it is turning up some wonderful delights from the plant world– the most recent discovery being the amazing super plant Azolla.  Last year it was the carnivorous Fairies Aprons (Utricularian) on show. The swale takes water from the eastern side of the ancient sand dune ridge that runs north-south alongside Sunlight Blvd, feeding a small constructed wetland along the way and finally filtering into a drainage line in the southeast sector of the estate where a fantastic natural wetland amongst retained habitat is evolving—a favoured spot of the vulnerable Latham’s Snipe which migrates from northern Japan. Are you following me … just like the water!! And just to top it off, the shy and threatened little waterfowl, the Lewin’s Rail, has been heard and recorded calling from that nearby small constructed wetland, having previously been recorded in the south east natural wetland a month ago. Further proof that biodiversity sensitive urban design and ecological restoration is working at The Cape.


  1. Another great edition David. Thankyou.I was fortunate too see the koala this afternoon as I was returning from a visit to the plant plots. The plants seem to be doing well. Many with new growth and especially some of the banksias we planted with healthy new growth.CheersNola SmithSent from my Galaxy


    1. Thank you Nola. Yes what a nice surprise to see the koala about in that area, i have heard them grunting around there but never seen one. Gives us more impetus to get further plantings in the future. The plants have taken well – might need to encourage some of the plot custodians to keep an eye on the bracken so it does not overwhelm the plots. I think it will be a lovely spot when it takes! Cheers David


  2. Another great edition David I was checking out the plots we planted last month and came across this koala late yesterday afternoon. It walked across the ground not far from me and up the tree… maybe for safety so hope I hadn’t started it.Quite a lot of new growth on the plants, especially some of the banksiasCheersNola Smith Sent from my Galaxy


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