And yet another surprise garden visitor …

Well, well … hello there! I know I keep banging on about how important our home gardens are as wildlife habitats, but I must admit I was very surprised when fellow residents and horticulturalists/artists Fran and Paul K sent me a message saying “there is a funny looking ducky/raily thing in our front garden!”  Low and behold, a Buff-banded Rail had settled into their thickly vegetated and layered native garden of 4-5 years and was making daily appearances around late afternoon and early morning … occasionally wandering past their lounge room before darting back into thick cover. It remained a garden resident for about a week and Fran managed a few quick pictures taken through the lounge room window.

One thought on “And yet another surprise garden visitor …”

  1. Great pictures and Info, good meeting Mr & Mrs Darcy. we have Mr & Mrs Jones popping in each day…….


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