4 thoughts on “Sea Mammal Surprises …”

  1. Thank you David! I read every one of these newsletters and love being connected to what is happening at the Cape. Very exciting news about the whales, the koalas, the parrots and the new ponds!


    1. Thank you Rebecca, appreciate the feedback. Yes it is all happening at The Cape especially with the active sea mammals -probably the best whale season in our three years here. On land, it will be great when the habitat areas mature and we start seeing more animal species moving in (hopefully).


  2. Hi Dave. As with Rebecca, I love your newsletters too; and as you know I live 2000km away! I too feel a connection to the Cape and I haven’t set foot there for decades. Great contribution to your community and also to preservation of landscape and species. We need so much more of this in Oz. Well done, as usual! Chis


    1. Thanks Chis for the feedback and encouragement. I certainly agree we should do so much more around the country. It all starts at the bottom in small steps and the more we can make more people aware of the natural world … well there has to be some positives! Hope you are well up there and would love for you to visit at some stage and show you around this great estate … over a red of course! Cheers Dave


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