Just like clockwork???

I now have three year’s worth of detailed observations and supporting photographs recorded of The Cape’s wildlife and natural world along with an ever increasing library of issues of the Cape Chatter newsletter. Each time I sit down to prepare a new newsletter, I am now able to compare what is happening around the same time of each year. Hopefully we will be able to see some trends around the impact the development is having on the natural world as more homes are built along with greater human activity in addition to climate change. But I am also keen to record the impact the significant investment in ecological restoration, habitat retention, wildlife protection measures, and commitment to citizen science projects will have moving forward. Let’s hope it is all positive!

2 thoughts on “Just like clockwork???”

  1. I know where the Galah’s are; Castlemaine !! We have had so many swarms around the town, with one small swarm setting up shop in the garden of one interesting house.

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