‘Blondie’s Twin … or is it ‘Blondie’ the wombat?

Blonde Wombats, a joey with attitude, a good Latham’s Snipe count and a tough start for the local Hooded Plover breeding season – it is all happening at The Cape. But a little bit of humidity brings out some interesting reptiles and some very colourful invertebrates. Enjoy Chatter No. 85.

Cape Chatter is taking a break for the remainder of the year and will return in early 2023 with hopefully lots of good news on successful mange treatment and some Hooded Plover breeding success along the Cape Paterson coastline!

Have a great festive season, keep safe and tread lightly!

3 thoughts on “‘Blondie’s Twin … or is it ‘Blondie’ the wombat?”

  1. Hi David,

    It’s Tim & Janne here – 17 Moonshadow. We’re wondering if you can help us with the identifying of a species of feathered friend that’s recently taken to perching on trellis wires at our place. They are cute little finch-like fellows with black cap and creamish breast. We could send you a photo if the description is not enough to go by.

    Thanks for all the excellent chatter in 2022 – and look forward to new installments in the new year.

    Tim & Janne


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