twenty-twenty in review

Well, we are nearing the end of a tumultuous year. I have taken many positives away from the year, not the least was having the time to explore the natural world of The Cape and put together Cape Chatter. I have seen many new things and learnt so much from my explorations and expeditions into most corners of The Cape and am amazed how much life abounds around us and how well the ecological restoration effort is supporting the return of native fauna and flora. I hope Chatter has helped this burgeoning community be more aware and appreciative of the natural life which surrounds us!

4 thoughts on “twenty-twenty in review”

  1. Hi David,
    we have enjoyed reading Cape Chatter from the inception and don’t even live there! Always written in an informative and interesting format. Cape Chatter is an asset to The Cape community, keeping them involved in the natural environment and emphasising the importance of creating and maintaining habitat for birds, plants, insects,and animals. You have done a great job! Debbie Neil and Billy


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