tree stags, raven poop and seed germination

Before anyone tells me this is a just a load of “crap” – just let me explain!

Retirees (or anyone for that matter I guess) can get up to some weird and interesting stuff when its comes to hobbies and interests. I am currently reading a lovely book by well known Australian birder Sean Dooley called the The Big Twitch in which he reveals some of the more crazy and interesting antics some serious bird twitchers get up to – a great read if you are interested. (By the way, I do not consider myself a twitcher!). But I must admit, I was a little amused and bemused when I saw fellow resident Graeme McAlpine out with his portable vacuum and brush n’ pan collecting the excretement of our common corvid, the Little Raven. Read on to find out why.

4 thoughts on “tree stags, raven poop and seed germination”

  1. Thank you. I love reading The Cape Chatter. I am not one of the residents of “The Cape” , but I do live in Cape Paterson. I am wondering if I could get a copy of the wildlife rescue protocols and numbers that you refer to please. Cheers Naomi Spray St ________________________________


    1. Hi Naomi. Thank you for the feedback and support to Cape Chatter. I am glad you enjoy
      the read. I love putting it together. The protocols I refer to are based on Wildlife Victoria protocols – you can visit their website and there is a link on the front page of the Cape Chatter website. Our ‘Cape’ flowcharts have some private contact numbers of our maintenance team who have some specific roles around signage and disposal if the animal is dead within the Cape when an animal incident is discovered, so I do not feel I am at liberty to share them. There is plenty of info on the Wildlife Victoria website and they are a very helpful organisation if you run into any unfortunate instances. Thank you David


  2. David, as ever, Cape Chatter gives me great joy from a miserable January in lock down in South Croydon, England, look forward to my next visit!


    1. Hi Degsy

      Mate, thank you and hope there is some light at the end of the tunnel over there. Will try and keep you up-beat with our natural news!

      Look forward to your next visit and look after yourselves – thinking of you all. David


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