the feelings of an empty nester

Well, well, well! I am at a bit of a loss at the moment. I am sad, but probably should be elated! It appears our Eastern Rosellas have left the nesting box placed in the most southern tree stag in the creek line. I am pretty sure if there were any fledglings, it occurred sometime on 24th January, the day after the last sighting of the adults feeding at the box. I am still seeing the adults and one other bird (possibly an offspring from last year) coming and going from the nearby coastal reserve but I am yet to see any juvenile birds in the nearby bush. The appearance of a pair of Black-shouldered Kite the other day brought two adult Rosellas to the top of some nearby Swamp Paperbark, alarmed, looking out, so I am taking that observation as there are juvenile bird(s) nearby. Read more about this event in the next few pages.

2 thoughts on “the feelings of an empty nester”

  1. That is not good news David

    Better news is that post your talk with the CPRRA group last weekend I was able to identify some Snipe that have been hanging out in the paddocks on the north side of Lilydale

    Thanks Rohan


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