first anniversary of cape chatter

This Issue, Number 41, is the first anniversary edition of the ‘Cape Chatter’  blog. To celebrate the anniversary, I have refreshed the blog—I hope you like it. In recognition of this milestone, the lead story is about the skills of some of our talented residents who have come together to produce a wonderful, enduring artwork installation that represents our beautiful natural environment. Enjoy.

16 thoughts on “first anniversary of cape chatter”

  1. Thanks David,

    Love the new format, very fresh and enticing looking! And thank you for your well written report on the NBN project and the generous acknowledgments for all. Well done everyone.




  2. Thanks David. I love the story about the “smart” wombat gate. I was initially thinking there was some sort of AI camera detection going on, but then I saw the concrete weight. Not so much smart as needing lots of muscle and traction. Ideal for wombats!


    1. I am throughly enjoying Cape Chatter, thank you so much David for the work you put in. The photographs are glorious and the text informative and entertaining. Happy 1st Birthday!


  3. Hip Hop Hap Happy birthday to you Hip Hip Hooray, sung to a jazz tune!
    You and Jeannie are bright and shining lights here.
    Thank you so much
    I’m back home San xox


  4. Sure did. I’ve kept the old ones in case I decide to change over to the special shoes one day.

    It’s pretty happy at the moment in its stand:


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