what’s waddling in the wetlands

Birdlife in the coastal bush, streetscapes and open spaces around The Cape is a bit quiet at the moment. The usual suspects are about—the Galah flock continues to keep me amused in these restricted times; the Magpies and Little Ravens are working the streets and building sites; the Little and Red Wattlebirds are busy feeding in the Coastal Banksia; the calls of Grey Butcherbird are prominent; and I have seen the occasional intrusion of New Holland Honeyeater and Willie Wagtail into the home garden along with a flock of five Eastern Rosella working the estate.

6 thoughts on “what’s waddling in the wetlands”

  1. Thanks David. Lovely shots of the Rosellas and the Yellow Robin! That’s a pretty decent shot of the goose you took. Um, how did you manage to get that angle if it was on the western edge? 😉




    1. Thanks Joe. My shot wasn’t when they were on the far western end of the dam as you saw and photographed them. The words and captions reflect that. Fortunately, when i arrived after you, they were grazing on the northern edge with an occasional foray into the water and then both slowly moved to the western side over 30 minutes or so. I got some photos from that side as well but at a long distance and they are not that exciting! I was hoping they would do the loop to the southern side but i was getting to cold to wait any longer!!


  2. Thanks David – very interesting. We have seen a lot of those birds on our near daily wanders around the cape 😊 Maybe it’s time for us to start taking the binoculars too. Regards Cheryl

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    1. Thanks Cheryl. It is a bit quiet at present but things will improve in a month or so (hopefully!) Binos are handy especially on the beach as well for whales, gannets, occasional albatross and of course Hooded Plovers and Sooty Oystercatchers. Cheers David


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