staying a bit closer to home …

For obvious reasons, I have not ventured too far from the home in the past week. An unusual weather pattern for this time of the year, namely a deep low from the east-southeast, brought a couple of days of very strong winds, rain and chilly temperatures. I managed to get a few photos around the garden and its structures in between the vagaries of the weather. From the safety and warmth of my home, I often wonder how our animals cope with this weather and how they seem to be able to anticipate the change coming and bunker down accordingly. And when the bad weather clears, they are out and active again as if nothing had happened.  They are so adaptable and intuitive.

2 thoughts on “staying a bit closer to home …”

  1. Thanks again David,

    such crisp clear photography… love the cobweb and the Yellow Tail. The Rosella looks pretty spectacular.

    Great job having managed it practically from your backyard!




    1. Thanks Joe, yes the bird life is quite active down here with the garden flowering quite a bit. Still hoping some of the small birds will eventually come in once the plants get up a bit more. Cheers David


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