the eofy … balancing the ledger

The end of the 2020-21 FY (EOFY) coincides nicely with the  period of The Cape fauna observation list which was started in late July 2019. A lot has changed in that time with further areas of the estate developed for  housing and extensive habitat areas developed which are now  beginning to provide shelter and food for our local fauna. Our bird list is up to 111 species, we have 8 frog species identified and all the well known Australian mammals are about in varying numbers, including identified bandicoot diggings.  They are positive signs for the expansion of habitat of The Cape’s natural world—a world that was previously degraded farming land.

2 thoughts on “the eofy … balancing the ledger”

  1. Thanks once again David for your passionate and informative work with Cape Chatter. Your documentation and tracking of the movement and development of the local wildlife is invaluable.

    Speaking of raptors, yesterday (Sunday) I was in stage 4 lots area close to Wilson Rd and I’m sure I saw a nankeen kestrel by its distinct rusty brown wings. I had no binos or camera but I feel confident it was the kestrel which I haven’t seen for a while but appears to be its preferred area.




    1. Thanks for that Joe, they have normally been around over that way this time of year but less observations so far.

      I really appreciate the feedback and observations.

      Cheers David


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