the depths of winter … only the hardy are about!

Well, we are pretty much in the dead of winter here at The Cape and bird observations have been limited … as has the photography opportunities given the wind and showery weather. It is really only those hardy souls of the avian world that are about … our permanent dwellers so to speak … with the occasional visitor re-appearing. Since last Chatter, there are signs of a pick up in activity with some “duck-after-duck activity’ going on, some Grey Fantails returning, and just to prove me wrong, ‘Gabi’s Grebe’ moved back to the big central wetland despite the presence of the waterfowl. There goes my theory! One highlight of the past week was another sighting of a beautiful pair of Black-shouldered Kite, on the stags in the creek line, this time juveniles. And to top it all off, thanks to an alert by resident Richard Keech, an uncommon sighting of a Southern Right Whale lounging just off Cape Paterson for an hour or so.

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