the sounds and sights of seasonal change?

There is a hint of seasonal change in the air. Several days of prevailing north westerly winds also brought a couple of surprising sightings high up in the sky. Resident Joe Spano reported the first seasonal calls of the stunning songster, the Olive Whistler in the area and I heard the calls of Pied Currawong on the eastern edge of The Cape—an uncommon observation. Joe  also saw a small flock of about a dozen of these Currawongs in established Cape Paterson. And a couple of days ago with a strong wind blowing, a flock of about 10 Pacific Gulls was seen flying over The Cape—single birds are seen occasionallyand another uncommon sighting (despite us living on the coast) of an Australian Pelican high overhead. There is also indications of nest building—a pair of Eastern Rosella were seen checking out the northern nesting box in the creek line and Australian Magpies have been seen gathering materials at either end of the creek line. Be warned!

One thought on “the sounds and sights of seasonal change?”

  1. Hi David, Can you send through your email about the koala plan, I seem to have waylaid mine. I have also seen two flocks of yellow tailed black cockies flying over the village.

    Thanks David Ruby

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