‘hopping’ on to the trail of a rail …

Since arriving at The Cape two years ago, I have always hoped there would be some rarely seen and secretive waterbirds residing in the wet, swamp paperbark areas of our retained habitat and adjoining coastal park. Well you can imagine my excitement when I thought I heard some unusual calls on one of my recent photographic strolls in the south of the estate. Knowing the camera would be of no use in this situation, I grabbed out my trusty old i-phone and managed to record the call of a Lewin’s Rail  which has been verified by fellow resident Joe Spano. What a great find, and just shows how wonderful our sensitive habitat areas are working  in housing our fragile native wildlife. The Kangaroo mob are appearing in rising numbers and becoming increasingly active. I managed to have a nice engagement with a young male who was inside the central wetland fence and was quite unperturbed with my presence and the camera clicking before ‘hopping’ off slowly. And to top it all off, another highlight was a Black-shouldered Kite devouring a very tasty  mouse on a stag in the creek line. More proof not to use rodenticides to control rodents!

2 thoughts on “‘hopping’ on to the trail of a rail …”

  1. Great work again by Dave and the team at the Cape.. I so enjoy the tales of our natural world at the Cape as I pursue the teaching of English to young folk here in .. VIETNAM ..


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