Behind the scenes and some very close encounters …

For various reasons, I have put the tele-lens away over the last couple of weeks and concentrated on macro shots of very small creatures (invertebrates) in the home garden as the weather warms up and the winds ease off. In particular, I have been focussed on native bees, and managed to come away with some nice observations in the garden. Just when I gave the Little Corellas a big rap in the last Chatter, they all up and left. Maybe it coincided with a change in their food source or it could have been the arrival of the big tonka toys working on the civil works of the last stage development of The Cape. The place does not seem the same without their raucous noise and play!

Cape Chatter is going to take a breather over the festive season and will return in early 2022. Enjoy the festive season.

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