Welcome Back …

It has been an interesting summer period so far. While much of the Australian nation has been receiving good amounts of rainfall, our stretch of coastal hinterland has been lacking in precipitation and was starting to “brown-off” until some good rainfall last week. I do not think I have seen The Cape so dry in my two and half years here and it was evident by the lack of Eastern Grey Kangaroo activity around the estate and the dearth of green grass over the last several weeks. Maybe the rise in casual visitors walking and riding and construction activity in the final housing stage had something to do with it as well! So it was most pleasing to see a large number of these beauties feeding and lounging around on the new green grass of the oval and at “Green Beach” – their favourite rest-up area—last evening. There were at least 40 kangaroos on the oval (enough for two footy teams) and another 20 or so further away grazing. A wonderful spectacle!

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