A buzz of excitement is in the air …

There has been plenty happening in our natural world since last issue of Cape Chatter. Highlights include the hatching of two very vulnerable Hooded Plover chicks at 2nd Surf Beach, the break out of flowering gum (Corymbia ficifolia) which is attracting a range of birds including Musk Lorikeet, another sighting of a stunning native Blue-banded Bee, and a good result with our last Latham’s Snipe count for the season. And just like clockwork, our humorous Galahs have returned from their breeding activities and are back in full flight around The Cape.

6 thoughts on “A buzz of excitement is in the air …”

  1. A fascinating read. Thank you David Hartney.

    I was unfamiliar with both the Blue Banded Bee and Latham’s Snipe. I’m very keen to spot both!


    1. Thank you Sandra, much appreciated. There are snipe in the lower end of creekline at The Cape where it runs into the wetland and they should be around for a few more weeks before they return north to Japan.


  2. Amazing work this morning looking after the welfare of our feathered friends David! Educating the public to be aware of the chicks fragile environment! Thanks


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