Connecting with nature and giving back …

Something a little different this time in Cape Chatter No. 65. It might take you a little more time to read and digest and less flicking quickly through some images.

I am using the journeys of two of our most vulnerable local birds, the Hooded Plover and migratory wader, the Latham’s Snipe, to highlight the challenges they face to survive: their resilience and persistence to breed; to gain a better awareness of them by understanding their plight; and what we can all do as humans to give them a chance – and help save them from extinction.

I hope you can appreciate, albeit somewhat sad, their stories … and along the way, maybe give back a little bit to our natural world … it is good for the well-being of us humans and nature.

8 thoughts on “Connecting with nature and giving back …”

  1. Thoughtful and rather sad articles about two at risk birds. A local hooded plover friends group has tried all sorts of protective measures. And always have been amazed at the journey Latham’s Snipes make and have been really pleased to see them, in the paddock near our wetlands. But not sure how much damage foxes and feral cats have done at our place.


    1. Thank you Mary. Yes, the Hoodies continue to face many threats but the local Bass Coast team work hard to monitor. Some of the solutions seem not difficult we just need behaviour changes by a few! Hopefully the snipe will continue to rebuild in numbers – hopeful signs. On one of the sensor cameras we have out, fox accounted for 32% of all animal activity, the highest of any species recorded! Imagine what is being done to the native wildlife. Fortunately we haven’t seen any cats on camera, but they are around. Again, there are limited resources to address these issues. Thank you for your comment, David.


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