The important role of open habitats … and wetlands

The past week or so has been an amazing time around The Cape for birdlife and it has emphasised the important role open habitats play in supporting some of our beautiful feathered friends.  Since July, we have had occasional observations of the stunning Blue-winged Parrot in the south west of the estate, but since the 10 September, we have had daily sightings of a flock (sometimes around 22 birds) foraging in the grassy open habitats. And they are not the only birds who rely on this habitat.  To top off a great week, we have a new species identified in the wetlands, with a recording of an Australian Spotted Crake call and it was a mere 20 meters away from a secretive Lewin’s Rail (listed as vulnerable) which was also calling. These varied habitats are really beginning to attract and house an amazing array of wildlife, including many threatened species. Our bird species count is now up to 120!

6 thoughts on “The important role of open habitats … and wetlands”

  1. Hi David. We are longterm residents of Cape but not The Cape but my husband is desperate to see a blue winged parrot (I’ve seen a couple at different places). Thanks for your newsletter.. Denise Allitt


    1. Hi Denise. Thank you. I haven’t been out since Friday afternoon, but the two spots the birds have been seen up until that time are west of the F Break carpark on Wilson Rd (in pasture and on fences) and the eastern end of Weathertop Cres in The Cape (on the ridge in the weeds and grass). You can see them from your car if you drive slowly and are less startled! Cheers David


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