Have the ‘bluey’s’ backed out over the Bass???

Further to the last issue of Chatter, it has been about 12 days since I last observed the Blue-winged Parrots at The Cape.  That sighting was a flock of 10 birds feeding in the west of the estate on Sticky Mouse-Ear Chickweed which appeared to be their favourite tucker. Their departure, following 14 days or so of intense foraging, coincided with some good weather and northerly winds … so we are thinking these particular birds were Tasmanian Blue-winged Parrots returning back to the ‘apple isle’ for their breeding season and were spending their time around here building up energy and waiting for some favourable weather to assist their flight back. It is known the Tassie birds migrate to the mainland over the cooler months like their close cousin, the endangered Orange-bellied Parrot. But this is all hypothetical – based on their behaviour and observations over the past few years and the fact that small numbers of BWP are still being seen inland from the coast. Sad to see them go as they are stunning little parrots. Until next year hopefully!

2 thoughts on “Have the ‘bluey’s’ backed out over the Bass???”

  1. Great article, David. On behalf of the Blue-winged Parrot project group, thank you for continuing to monitor and report BWP sightings at The Cape. We need to understand so much more about them if we are going to be able to help them in the future. Sue


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