Building a little bit of wilderness …

Easter greetings to all! The seasons are changing, and a little bit of rain will spruce up the garden making it a great time to check out how you can change things that aren’t working or planning if you are starting from scratch. This issue looks at how you can build a small ‘stepping stone’ of habitat (your own little garden wilderness) to help link up with the broader biodiverse habitat and landscape features of The Cape. By doing so, you may be able to attract small birds and other small creatures to your garden – and in doing so, connect and do your bit for nature.

2 thoughts on “Building a little bit of wilderness …”

  1. Good morning ! Your suggestions for garden planning brought back the memories but also promoted me to think about how I’m going to consider how to attract the wildlife on my side of the world!


    1. Hi Deb. Thanks for the comment and all the best with the plantings to attract wildlife. There is an email on it’s way to you (apologies for not responding earlier as we finally got away in the van). Anyway, we finally found proof of meeting you in 1984 in our travel diary. Still looking for photographic evidence!! Haha. Cheers David


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