A cracking time of the year …

There is something about this time of the year which I love … the loud sound of the waves cracking on the nearby surf beaches at night and the stunning ‘book-end’ landscape colours as the sun rises and falls—vibrant colours splashing across the waters and skies. Along with some rain, a bit of green has emerged after the dry summer invigorating the vegetation, the frogs are croaking, the insects are declining in numbers and the birds are on the move. April is a time of change—but nature still delivers in all its glory!

4 thoughts on “A cracking time of the year …”

  1. Terrific Newsletter David. Great to see the continued development of the Cape and the biodiversity.

    Cheers Dennis


  2. Thank you David for another amazing edition of Cape Chatter – I am so impressed with the before and after photos and so pleased to be living in a place where this is happening. Your photos and words are wonderful.


    1. Thank you Cheryl – i really appreciate the feedback. It is great to see how the environment is coming along with a bit of investment in infrastructure and habitat re-creation. Cheers David


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